Mark in action photographing in Nigeriaing

About Mark 
Thank you so much for stopping by to enquire about Mark's photographic work. Over the last twenty years, newspapers, pr & design agencies, art directors, charities, the business community and government have all benefitted from Mark's photography as well as numerous individuals who simply wanted stunning images to display in their homes or celebrate a very special day like a wedding. Being a committed Christian, Mark has worked with several Christian ministries covering live events at home and abroad including the Christ For All Nations campaigns where hundreds of thousands have been in attendance in a single meeting. Mark has even spent time working with the Ministry of Defence where he was a lead instructor training military photographers.

A wealth of experience and skill has partnered well with his ability to communicate to people on all levels and he has won a number of awards from his peers for his work across different photographic disciplines. He is a family man residing in Cornwall and also a worship leader who enjoys playing guitar.



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